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In the field of urban infrastructures, Inarq Ingenieros carries out urban development projects involving both industrial estates and housing estates.

Installations for the residential sector are undoubtedly one of the strong pillars of our activity. During its more than 10 years of operation, Inarq Ingenieros has carried out installation projects for over 8,000 homes, both state subsidised and sold at market price, leading to the award of public contracts involving energy efficiency improvements and use of renewable energies applied to more conventional buildings.

Within the industrial sector, Inarq Ingenieros offers comprehensive services including the design of the structure and its installations, construction, implementation and process studies, viability analysis of industrial investments, legalisation of existing facilities, etc.

To date we have been involved in the development of over 76,000 m² of industrial property, for which we have designed the most suitable installations and facilities meeting the clients’ real needs, facilitating a speedy recovery of the investment and thereby enhancing our clients’ competitiveness.

Inarq Ingenieros carries out installation projects for health centres including Policlínica Gipuzkoa, Sanitas, Hospital de Navarra, the Navarran Health Service and the Basque Red Cross, among others.

The work carried out at said locations includes hospital energy audits, design of installations for hemodialysis units, day care centres and geriatric facilities with over 600 beds.

Since 2002, Inarq Ingenieros has carried out installation projects for shopping centres totalling over 160,000 m². Numerous shopping centres such as “Las Camaretas” in Soria or “Las Cañas” in Navarra are showcases of our work in this field. As regards supermarkets, we have worked on projects for Eroski, owned by Sociedad Cooperativa Mondragón, for BM supermercados and for Comercial Hostelera de Navarra, among others.

One cannot take chances with safety. That is why Inarq Ingenieros places at its clients’ disposal its extensive know-how in the design of fire protection facilities and provides assessment on compliance with regulations for the protection of people in all kinds of buildings.

We carry out Classified Activity projects and fire protection projects for buildings open to the public, shopping centres, large office areas, health centres and residential buildings, assuring at all times the safety of occupants for any type of building in any kind of situation.

Our belief in what we do and our passion for new challenges have led us to bid for domestic and international tenders, forming multidisciplinary teams with Architects and other engineers, always with the aim of turning a great idea into a workable reality.

We have recently been shortlisted in an international ideas competition to refurbish the typical slum houses of countries like Cameroon, to protect their occupants from illnesses derived from the typical inadequacies of this type of constructions, such as Malaria.

We have recently entered the ideas competition for the restoration of Haiti’s Port au Prince Cathedral.

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