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INARQ Ingenieros to design and supervise the Installations for the Modern Art Centre that the University of Navarra is building in its Pamplona campus. (+)

INARQ Ingenieros signs a collaboration agreement with Policlínica de Gipuzkoa for the audit of its High and Low Voltage installations. (+)

Work begins on the construction of Donostia’s future Bus Station. (+)

INARQ, Estudio de Aplicaciones de Ingeniería S.L. is a company engaging in the development and execution of Engineering projects. Incorporated in Pamplona in 2002, it is active mainly in the field of efficient construction, including the design of installations in private homes, buildings open to the public, hotels, sports complexes, industrial sector, housing estates, etc.

INARQ, Estudio de Aplicaciones de Ingeniería S.L. has a policy of continuous improvement, and hence its efforts are focused on achieving its daily goal of always working to the highest levels of quality, ensuring the highest possible client satisfaction levels. As part of its efforts to achieve this goal, INARQ, Estudio de Aplicaciones de Ingeniería S.L. currently have the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14006:2011 integrated Quality, environmental and ecodesign management certification

The extensive experience accumulated by Inarq Ingenieros in the design and execution of installations allows it to provide Energy Audit services ensuring substantial savings and major improvements in the operation of the audited facilities.

The activities carried out by Inarq Ingenieros are divided into three groups according to the type of service required by the client, always with the aim of achieving the greatest possible satisfaction and the highest levels of service quality.

The main activity involves installation projects for construction works, both public and private, working in close collaboration with Architects throughout Spain.

Our goal is to fully integrate our installations, with all the features required by modern buildings, while at the same time ensuring that the installations are simple, easily maintained and with contained implementations costs.

At Inarq Ingenieros we are fully aware of the need to ensure rational energy use. Hence, we have developed INARQ, Ecodiseño y Eficiencia, which carries out profitability assessments on facilities with a marked renewable character, as well as energy audits and implementation of ecodesign systems in all kinds of facilities.

Currently we have the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14006:2011 integrated Quality, environmental and ecodesign management certification.

Since we live in a globalised world where new technologies allow us to compete and render our services worldwide, Inarq Ingenieros has projects under way in a number of countries including Venezuela, Senegal and Haiti in which we actively collaborate with companies established abroad, forming human teams capable of reaching the highest levels of communication and satisfaction with our clients, wherever they may be.

Energy savings and the reduction of CO2
emissions in buildings must be seen as essential considerations when designing their installations.
At Inarq Ingenieros we will advise you on how to achieve maximum efficiency in your installations, based on new technologies and sustainable
energy criteria.

We carry out High and Medium Voltage projects for private clients as well as power supply companies. We operate an advisory service for small power distribution companies, for which we renew, process and legalise old installations.

We also carry out the inclusion of electric power lines into the TRAZA system.

We design and execute transformation and renovation projects for large communal residential boiler rooms, energy efficiency enhancement, District heating or small boiler rooms, always adapting the installation to the actual existing demand conditions. Since every case is different and unique, we offer a range of solutions including Biomass or conventional fuels, condensation or high temperature technologies. According to the existing conditions and the nature of the requirements involved, we can provide the option of solar or geothermal installations.

The new advances in technology make possible solutions that were seen as unthinkable or totally infeasible a short time ago. Depending on suitable source availability, a number of interesting solutions are possible, which may include large energy production or distributed systems, as well as storage or closed nodes. Changes in regulations and market conditions open up new doors to ingenuity.

Today buildings require thermal and electrical energy simultaneously. We can design the installation that best meets our client’s needs with the highest possible level of performance. It is not necessary to consider high power output levels to contemplate this possibility. We can adapt our designs to boiler rooms already in operation, of any type or age.

During its more than 10 years of operation, Inarq Ingenieros, has worked together with numerous Architecture firms, building development companies, public bodies, municipalities and industrial corporations, always with its commitment to quality and client satisfaction as the main priority.

In recent years, responding to changing market demands, Inarq Ingenieros has specialised in projects for the upgrading of obsolete, low-efficiency installations, providing efficient, environmentally friendly and energetically sustainable solutions leading to financial benefits in the operation and maintenance of the facilities, while providing full assurances as to the quality, design and architectural integration of the solutions.

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