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We provide advisory services to Architecture and building development firms on the selection and application of passive improvements from the initial building design stage.

We model the buildings and “try out” different solutions using specific software to identify and quantify the best solution for each individual case, implementing sun exposure studies, simulations with different types of insulation, etc

We analyse and study every one of the installations in a building, carrying out investment assessments, investment recovery calculations, implementation costs analysis, etc.

Every client is different and has a set of unique requirements. That is why we adapt to and individually advise each individual client to ensure that the resulting installations fully meet their specific needs with the lowest possible investment but always with a high level of energy efficiency.

We carry out complex simulations of each building and its installations using software tools such as “DesignBuilder”, which allow us to reach the optimum the solution and meet the client’s stated objective in the shortest possible time after analysing all the available possibilities and options.

At Inarq Ingenieros we offer energy audit services for the purpose of informing clients about the energy consumption of their installations and their associated costs.

An energy audit includes the identification and characterisation of all the factors affecting energy consumption, as well as the various savings, efficiency enhancement and energy diversification opportunities applicable to the installation.

An assessment is likewise made of the impact of the proposed measures on the energy and maintenance costs.

Our primary aims when performing an energy audit are:

  • Draw up an inventory of the main existing equipment and installations.

  • Determine the current energy situation, as well as the operation and efficiency of the equipment and installations.

  • Take measurements and review records of the main electrical, thermal and comfort parameters.

  • Assess the possibilities of optimising the fuel supply and electric power and water consumption.

  • Consider the possibility of installing renewable energies.

  • Obtain an assessment of the possible improvements through energy efficiency enhancements and the introduction of renewable energies with a view to obtaining financing and subsidies based on such an assessment.

  • Perform a technical and financial assessment of the proposed measures.

Since 2009 we advise our clients regarding the contracting and the type of energy to be used in the installations, whether new or existing, in order to achieve the highest possible performance and minimise the costs associated with energy consumption.

We assist our clients in applying for and processing all kinds of subsidies related to renewable energies and the implementation of new, more efficient systems.
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